Nebulizer Mesh Handheld


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Your family health guardian
YM-252 Nebulizer Fine particles, silent atomize,

Small size, easy to carry
Enjoy peace of mind anytime, anywhere
1. Close to 0 dB
2. Fine particles
3. Dual power supply mode
4. Less drug residue

Simple operation Large amount of fog, particles as small as 1-5μm
Two automation modes Choose according to the situation Nearly silent, low noise design
Atomize liquid by ultrasonic vibration to avoid noise formation
Attachment display

Steps for usage

Material: ABS

Time to market: 2018.6

Power mode: USB

Specifications: 202*120*62MM

Model YSL-C1

Weight: 0.11kg

Applicable parts: head

color: White

The atomizer is to atomize the test solution. The atomizer is an important component of the atomization system, and its performance has a significant impact on the precision of the measurement and chemical interference. Therefore, it is required that the atomizer spray is stable, the droplets are fine, uniform, and the atomization efficiency is high.

Mainly used for the treatment of various upper and lower respiratory diseases, such as colds, fever, cough, asthma, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumococcus and other diseases in the trachea, bronchi, alveolar, chest. Nebulized inhalation therapy is an important and effective treatment method for the treatment of respiratory diseases. The nebulizer is used to atomize the liquid into tiny particles, and the drug enters the respiratory tract and lungs by breathing inhalation, thereby achieving painlessness. The purpose of rapid and effective treatment.