Otoscope Pocket (LED), WELCH ALLYN 22880


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Pocket plus LED an Otoscope 22880

It is a portable model light-emitting diodes suitable for diagnostic otoscopes.
Product warranty is five years and longer, safe and laundry facilities.
Combining brightness of the colours of the halogen light bulbs and LEDs are Welch Allen SureColor lamp technology with your own LED light bulb and excellent cost performance.
Welch Allen Pocket series, most excellent robustness.
It is easy to manipulate in a simple on/off switch design.
Choose from 4 colors.
Replace otoscopes window bumper to bumper comes with handles and a stylish two-tone.

Bring the fiber optical otoscopes tip without reflection or a failure at the back of the ear canal that is possible.
Expansion ratio: 3.4 x
Lens clock 6″
Battery continuation use time: about 5 hours
Bulb life: 10000-20000 hours
Brightness: 5.5 lumens



  • Soft carrying case
  • AA size alkaline batteries x 2
  • Rieuzabruspecura x 4 (2.5 mm / 3 mm/4 mm / 5 mm)
  • Spare bumper white (body, white black)